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Your Reliable Companion on Your  Digitalization Journey

BMR Turkey

BMR Turkey; is a service  organization that has established itself in the world market in the field of Data Security and Data Management, as a value-added distributor of more than 20 solutions, together with its business partners, both in Turkey and abroad, providing sales and after-sales support services with its experienced staff.

Founded in 2013, BMR Turkey offers its business partners and businesses; offers a wide, competitive product range that meets today's customer expectations and fully matches customer needs. All offered technologies can work in integration with each other and meet not only daily but also future needs of customers.  

All technologies offered by BMR Turkey are observed, evaluated and different solution approaches are put forward by making joint PoCs with local business partners and customers' IT teams. Because it is one of our most important added values to associate all the know-how of our business partners with the technologies we offer.  

BMR Turkey is a business partner that has adopted the principle of acting as a representative of the customer in all matters with the manufacturers in order to ensure the success of the projects in line with the targets of its customers, while at the same time taking on the role of the representative of the manufacturer in the countries where it operates with the products of which it is the distributor.

The most important value offered by BMR Turkey is TRUST, which has been created as a result of projects carried out in 350+ companies.

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